Our assistance in the daily activities program is designed to help the candidates achieve maximum independence as they try to accomplish the various goals in their routine.

An integral part of this program is helping the candidates in scheduling and attending various appointments with them.

Assistance Can Change your Life

It has been observed that many people with disabilities cannot live their life to the fullest simply because they do not have the right kind of assistance. Being unable to secure assistance can also keep you from achieving the bigger goals in your life. That is why NDIS services have directed a part of their funds for people with disabilities towards helping them pursue their everyday goals.

What Changes Can It Bring?

The daily assistance services supported by NDIS can prove to be a life-changer, especially for people with a permanent disability. When you have a support system that you can depend on, it can give you consistency and certainty in life. It can also help you achieve greater mobility and independence in carrying out the various essential functions.

Assistance with Appointments

Though the daily assistance services differ based on the candidate's requirements, assistance with appointments usually forms an integral part of the services. Under our assistance with appointments program, we help our participants organise, schedule and attend appointments.

If you have mobility issues, our caregivers will help you take public transport to reach the appointment venue. Apart from that, the care giver assigned to you will correspond over the phone or in writing in order to organise or schedule the appointment.

For participants who feel the necessity, the caregivers will even attend the appointment with you and provide you with full assistance during the course of the appointment.

Our amiable and professionally trained caregivers understand that providing quality service goes far beyond functionality. It requires understanding the person and responding with compassion. Get in touch to know more.