Avail Specialised Disability Accommodation with Bright Future Support Services

Specialised Disability Accommodation or SDA refers to housing that has been specially designed to keep the needs of the people who cannot live in mainstream housing at the forefront. It may be due to some functional impairments or a high need for assistance and support.

The housing is funded by NDIS for participants who are found to be eligible for the housing program. You may also have an SDA payment included in your NDIS plan.

Find the Perfect Housing

However, finding the ideal housing that can meet your needs, your occupation type, and is situated in your funded area may not be so easy. That is why; we at Bright Future Support Services are trying our best to find you a place that can meet all your needs in the right way.

We also have several experts who specialise in disability care in our team who can make your stay in the SDA much smoother. We also cater to the individual needs of the tenants so that they are never in want of support.

Are You Eligible For SDA?

NDIS has made the SDA available for only those participants who have extreme to complete impairment of functionality or those who have high needs for support that can only be met with SDA support.

Following factors are usually taken into account while selecting individuals for the SDA payment:

  • The income of the disabled and their family

  • Persons or families that require a high level of support.

  • People with unique requirements that can only be met with SDA.

However, if you are not eligible for SDA, NDIS may also pay for some modifications in your house to get the support you need. To know more about SDA and get our assistance, get in touch with us today.